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posted by QFSD on Jan 15

No General Meeting of our Quail Forever San Diego Chapter tonight 1/15/2015

posted by QFSD on Sep 18


Eleven members were in attendance.

Members shared their dove season experiences.

It was confirmed that the project on 9/27/2014 is a go. Members will be meeting @ 0800 on the 79, north of Warner Springs resort.  Dennis R. will be the project lead and will be parked off the highway @ the turn off to the guzzler site. GPS coordinates to be email out as needed.

The guzzler in the McCain Valley that was damaged during the power line instillation was discussed. Its needed area of repair and the potential repair cost reimbursement was tabled.


posted by QFSD on Nov 13

Quail Forever San Diego – 2014 Calendar

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posted by QFSD on Aug 2

Calendar:  Meetings to be on the 3rd Thursday of each month and our Wildlife Habitat Projects & Guzzler repair to follow the forth weekend of the month.  Quail Forever San Diego – 2014 Calendar

Membership: National Membership $35 with an additional $10 for our local Chapter – Pease route your remittance through our local chapters treasure.

Wildlife Habitat Projects & Guzzler repair: Scheduling and scoping of known guzzlers to be discussed @ each meeting.

Open Topics:

Grants: Possibilities

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Quail Forever is dedicated to the conservation of quail, pheasants and other wildlife through
habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies
and programs”

posted by QFSD on May 29

 Changes in Plumage
Our past Chairman has sent out an Official message were passing along to you all.
“If you haven’t heard already, at our last meeting we decided to affiliate ourselves with Quail Forever, now that Quail Unlimited has ceased to exist.”
“ We’ll be working through the transition items over the next few weeks. What will not change is our character and purpose.”